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Even more concise are Profile America’s 1-page Industry Snapshots. Often, all a sales rep needs before speaking with a prospect are a few “smart statements” or “dialog starters.” Sometimes just having a handle on an industry’s terminology is enough to build a rep’s confidence and embolden him or her to propose meaningful solutions to customers’ business challenges.

Similar to our 3-page Quick-Learn Reports in their structure, our Industry Snapshots contain an industry overview and issue and trend data. They also contain a section entitled “Value of Products and Services in the Industry,” which is useful to advertising sales reps, who use data points contained in this section to conduct a “return on investment” sale. Also typically in our Snapshots is information on marketing techniques within the industry being examined, and/or factors that are critical to success for industry participants.

Because the information that Snapshots contain is housed on just one page, it is a handy tool to use. Some sales reps appreciate the ability to use Snapshots during a call, and some even use the back of it to jot down meaningful points that they -- and their prospects -- make during the course of a sales call. Then they leave it behind as a reminder of the visit.

Click here for a sample of an Industry Snapshot of the Plastic Surgery industry

“It is probably the biggest complaint customers have about the salespeople who call on them, ‘They don’t understand my business or what my concerns are.’ Even now, when business is tough and the main thing people need is partners.”

Sales & Marketing Management Magazine

Partners. Peers. Customer relationship management. Consultative selling. They are all buzzwords and catch phrases among today’s sales and marketing teams. What better way to exhibit your commitment to your customers than to learn about their obstacles to growth and their opportunities for success? What better way to acquire that knowledge than to subscribe to Profile America’s library of “industry knowledge products.” We help keep you on track by keeping your reps in the field - and out of the trenches digging for data. 

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