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Our Products

Quick-Learn Reports are succinctly written 3-page documents that contain all the information necessary for sales reps to open doors and close deals.
Industry Snapshots are handy 1-page documents that also contain the key ingredients for a successful sales call – but with a little less content.

Both versions of our “industry-knowledge products” are used to accomplish a variety of objectives:

Sales training. Managers use our industry-knowledge products to quickly and efficiently train new hires to prepare them for in-the-field presentations. Even experienced sales professionals need target-market training – for example, when they accept a new position and need to be educated about the diverse industries into which they will be selling.
Call preparation. Sales reps are more confident and engaging – and more successful – if they have a working knowledge of their prospects’ industries. Creating “industry knowledge products” in-house is difficult and time-consuming; neither reps nor managers should be responsible for such tasks -- especially when our sales tools exist. Rather, reps and managers should focus on their core competencies: selling.
Presentation support. From advertising sales reps and business brokers to marketing research firms and advertising agencies, having quick access to key statistics, market trends, and business practices is invaluable in creating proposals and delivering presentations. “He does not know a thing about my business or the challenges I face,” is a refrain often heard about sales reps. Industry knowledge, or lack thereof, can make or break a deal.
Leave-behinds. Sales reps often use our industry-knowledge products during a sales call, saying “We wanted to learn about the industry you’re in, so we pulled this report from our knowledge center to share with you.” Leave-behinds generate good will, demonstrate customer-centric commitment, and serve as a reminder of the sales call.

We provide simple and straightforward facts and stats in well-designed layouts. This is not to say our reports are unsophisticated or easy to create. We tap into a wide variety of sources and conduct interviews among industry participants and analysts to “build a brain” about an industry. Then the time-consuming task of streamlining the information into readable reports begins. As French mathematician and theologian Blaise Pascal said in 1660, “This [letter] would not be so long had I but the leisure to make it shorter.” We take the time; we make it short.

“We are big fans of yours and have loaded all of your Quick-Learn Reports onto our intranet. We also make them available to all levels of our sales force on CD-ROM. The feedback from the salespeople has been overwhelmingly positive and has resulted in our winning new business and retaining existing accounts. The material you have provided us is professional, succinct, readable, and educational. Any sales person using one of your Profiles is certainly value-added to their client. Keep up the good work."

Manager-National Markets, Fortune 100 Telecommunications Company

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