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While advertising sales and marketing teams are our primary clients, other organizations benefit from the use of our industry-knowledge products. Among our other customers are:

Business-to-business marketers. Regardless of the product or service they offer, organizations that sell to a diverse set of end-users train sales reps to help them understand the industries into which they sell products and services. Sales reps who can “walk the walk and talk the talk” of their customers’ business environments are viewed as partners or peers rather than as vendors or mere order-takers.
Marketing research firms and advertising agencies. Before conducting an in-depth, quantitative analysis or creating an advertising campaign for their clients, marketing research firms and ad agencies find it critical to have a "situation analysis" of the industry they are preparing to study. Using independent, third-party reports helps them get up to speed on the terminology, dynamics, and outlook of the industries in which they plan to launch their initiatives.
Individuals, owners of small businesses and business brokers. In determining whether to start a business, buy a franchise, or expand into new markets, individuals or small businesses need information about industry segments, trends, and forecasts. Our reports allow them to make decisions based on sound information and not on supposition and guesswork. And business brokers representing sellers use our reports in their “offering portfolios” to educate potential buyers about industry trends.

We focus on profiling industries typically comprised of small businesses, which many other marketing research analysts generally do not cover. Retail businesses, providers of business and professional services, and businesses in the construction industry are well-represented among the 200 industries we profile.

"Our salespeople have used Profile America's industry profiles for several years with great success. They are invaluable for identifying the trends and issues that most concern customers. Salespeople perform better when they are well informed about a customer's business. Profile America's reports are full of information that builds knowledge and persuasive ability. They enable our salespeople to do a better job for the customer, and nothing is more important than that."

Director of Sales, Internet Service Provider

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