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Say you’re doing preliminary research on franchise opportunities. You’re tired of the corporate grind, but you’re not sure in which franchise environment you’d be the happiest and most productive. You can visit franchise-oriented websites (like or, and they’ll tell you about the ins and outs of franchising, talk about the fastest-growing franchises, and tell you about (or send you to) specific franchise websites. Once you’re on a franchise-specific site, you can learn about the opportunities offered by the franchisor, request an information package, and maybe read press releases or articles related to the franchise operation.

What is missing from franchise-oriented and franchise-specific sites, however, are industry profiles. Not sure if you want to be in the oil and lube industry or the pest control business? Or maybe you’re hungry for information on tanning salons or beauty salons. Your first research efforts should include gathering facts and stats about the general state of affairs in specific industries. Our Quick-Learn Reports and Industry Snapshots provide a glimpse into the worlds in which you’re interested. Compare the ins and outs, see who’s who in the industry, find out what the industry associations and trade publications are and what they say, and consider how you might fit into the business.

Business brokers, on the other hand, may want to review top-line findings about an industry: size of the industry, structure, major segments, key growth drivers, marketing tools and techniques, and keys to success within the industry. You may want to include our stylishly designed, concisely written Quick-Learn Reports into your “offering portfolios,” so potential buyers of the business you represent will have the benefit of a quick-read about the industry in which it operates.

As a sales rep, you have your own unique set of needs, challenges and opportunities. In a week’s time, say you have meetings or phone conversations with 40 different types of businesses. It happens often to sales reps whose companies are horizontally structured: you walk through the door on day one/meeting one, and you need to be on top of that prospect’s business environment. The 10:00 meeting that morning is with a law firm or an accounting firm, and the 11:00 meeting is with a dentist -- or a car dealer, physical therapy group, or a landscaping design firm. Quickly switching gears to tailor a sales presentation is possible by spending as little as five minutes reviewing a Quick-Learn Report or an Industry Snapshot.

Sure, sales reps and managers can be do-it-yourselfers and compile this type of information in-house. Spending half a day gathering a set of facts and a pile of printouts from a wide variety of sources is only half the battle; the other half is condensing it to a user-friendly 3-page (or 1-page) document. So the day’s over and one industry has been researched and one report has been written. That day of research and report-writing would be better spent meeting with customers, writing proposals, and scheduling deliveries.

Not only do sales reps like to review our reports to prepare for meetings and to write proposals, but they often like to share the information contained in the reports with customers and prospects. Simply saying, “We’re trying to learn more about your industry, so we have subscribed to a service to enlighten us,” earns points. Saying “here is what we know” and showing the prospect an industry profile -- or leaving behind a Quick-Learn Report to generate good will -- helps position the sales rep as professional, well-informed, consultative, and “customer-centric.” At the very least, sharing an industry profile with a prospect is a conversation-starter and a rapport-builder.

"The reaction to your material has been very positive, including immediate requests for more Quick-Learn Reports. Some of the comments from our training evaluation included the following: “Useful information I can use on every sales call;” “Material is very helpful to new reps;” “Good source for probing questions and ‘smart statements;” “Keeps us aware of business changes,” and “Helps me to explain ROI (return on investment).”

General Training Manager, Yellow Pages publisher

Before sending sales teams out the door to represent your brand, they should be fully trained on the products and services they’re selling – as well as on prospects’ products, services, and competitive environments. Put them on the starting line with a full portfolio of Profile America’s “industry knowledge products,” and they’ll be more confident and professional - and more productive.

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