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Okay, so you’re not sure you need ongoing access to industry knowledge? Simply browse through our site, download samples of our work, read our usage agreement, and peruse our inventory of Quick-Learn Reports and Industry Snapshots to see what we cover. If you see something you need, simply provide a few vital stats on yourself, then enter our secure e-commerce module. We accept major credit cards and PayPal transactions. You can immediately download your report or reports, once the transaction is completed.
Registering with us is necessary to download reports. This allows us to track the types of people who are interested in our work, and enables us to more appropriately design our reports to meet your needs. If you would prefer to have your reports sent on a CD, we will be happy to accommodate your request and will ship your CD within 24 hours.
Simply click on the blue “Registered Users” link above to be directed to our store, where you can register and download reports immediately or click here to buy a report now

SMB Subscriber
Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) typically have limited budgets for sales collateral material, but their needs for ongoing access to sales-support tools are similar to those of larger corporate users. For example, business-development teams at SMBs – such as advertising agencies, marketing research firms, or web-design groups – want to build relationships with their prospects, just as do media sales reps at major publishing and broadcast firms.
Our pricing is based on the number of people who will use our Quick-Learn Reports and Industry Snapshots. Simply supply the requested information online -- or call us at 404-812-6900 -- and we will walk you through the approval process. You’ll be up and running in no time; our terms of use for SMB subscribers are straightforward and rarely require review by legal counsel.

Corporate Subscriber
Not only do sales reps find our “industry knowledge products” to be essential elements in the formula for success, but marketing directors and training managers also find them to be key ingredients in developing programs and delivering services. With a corporate subscription, designated members of the subscribing organization can enter our customer portal for access to our entire inventory of Quick-Learn Reports and Industry Snapshots.
Marketing teams studying vertical markets are able to determine the highest and best use of their marketing budgets, and turning to our reports is the first research they review to help formulate strategic plans. Training managers recognize that while sales reps do not need to be able to write a book on their customers’ industries, they do need to talk knowledgeably about the industries into which they’re selling. Bringing new hires up-to-speed effectively and efficiently is made possible with our easy-to-use industry profiles. Once sales reps have a firm grasp of the industries into which they sell, they can put their “feet on the street” and immediately begin practicing customer-focused selling.
Simply call us at 404-812-6900 -- and we will initiate the approval process. While our terms of use are straightforward, some corporate subscribers choose to have their legal counsel review terms and conditions to ensure they fully understand compliance requirements.

Unlimited Access Subscriber
With an unlimited-access subscription, any member of the subscribing organization can access our reports – from their offices or homes, or even in the field. Our reports are often shared with prospects to demonstrate that business-development teams are industry-aware and not simply interested in taking orders.
While some customers say that having an independent third-party organization providing their in-the-field sales collateral material, others prefer having their own logos and “look and feel” associated with the sites their reps and prospects access. Profile America’s customer portals can be designed to mirror our customers’ own websites and collateral material. Additionally, unlimited-access subscribers are privy to unscheduled updates, which are announced via e-mail alerts and downloadable immediately.
Simply click on the blue “Unlimited Access Subscriber” link above to contact us about your interest this category of membership, or call us at 404-812-6900 to discuss in more detail your team and its needs and our products and services.”

“If you put good people in bad systems, you get bad results. You have to water the flowers you want to grow.”

-- Steven R. Covey, leadership guru and author of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and other business best-sellers.

Putting good people in a bad environment is a waste of time and talent. Creating a winning environment takes time, effort, and resources; training sales teams and equipping them with tools to help them help their customers is an essential ingredient in the formula for success.

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